Almond Butter Pancakes

pancake               This recipe is so easy, with no leavening, measurements are not required. Make as much as you like. It does take some experimenting to get the consistency right depending how large your egg is and how moist your squash is, but the great thing about pancakes is, they are always yummy and a great vehicle to apply butter and honey.


You will need:
A chunk of cooked squash, (my favorites are acorn, and butternut for the sweet ones),
nut butter
and an egg
some Ghee or good lard,
The ingredients are in order of quantity starting with more squash. Combine the ingredients and alter until you have achieved a thinner yogurt consistency. Cook them in some Ghee or other approved fat over medium heat. Have fun with variations. Zucchini and herbs will be fun.. topped with homemade sour cream?