Brain Fog / Memory Loss

I remember so clearly the first time I heard the term “brain fog”. I was in my holistic doctor’s office and found myself confessing that my brain just wasn’t working right. It was the first time I spoke of this out loud. I was twenty eight years old. I tried my best to ignore the symptoms, to tell myself that it wasn’t happening but when it got to the point of driving the wrong way down one way streets in my home town, I really began to worry. Did I have early onset Alzheimer’s? If you take a close look at the symptoms, I had nine out of ten. During conversations I would have to pause and search my brain for the word I was looking to say. At my bakery, I would take the measuring cup to get the sugar and go to the walk-in refrigerator. Once in the walk-in, I would realize that the sugar was in the dry storage so I would go towards the dry storage and by the time I was near it, I would forget what I was going there for! Then I would step back to the walk-in and remember, sugar! Yes, it was that bad, not all the time, but to run a bakery and raise a child without the ability to think clearly was an enormous undertaking.
I went to see my doctor for back pain which was getting in the way of completing my cake orders. I arrived with a migraine head-ache so the nature of my appointment shifted and after my confession, that’s when she told me. My brain fog was a common side effect of a food allergy! This is where my journey to healing began. It turned out to be eggs, so I eliminated them and the headaches went too. After a while they came back and that time it was dairy. Then it was mushrooms and fungus. The list kept growing because I didn’t know enough to discover the root of the issue. (my gut) I made an appointment with an allergist and that was a low point for me because he gave me a blood test and showed me that I was not “allergic” to these foods. I wanted to stop adding more things to the list for fear I would go beyond food problems but become one of those environmentally sensitive people who have to live in a bubble. He seemed angry with me that I believed more problems were on the way because to him there was no evidence to show that I had an allergy in the first place. I had so much hope for this appointment, that I would get answers, that it would stop. What did happen instead is that I took my health into my own hands with eventually led me to the path of Nutritional Therapy, a practice I am now devoted to.
If you or someone you know has a memory problem, please check to see if it is a food intolerance. If so, the root of the problem is in your gut.