Frieda’s Story

This is Frieda one week before GAPS.

This is Frieda a few days before she started the GAPS diet.

Frieda’s story begins like all of ours, on the day she was born; only that day was even more miraculous for her than most. I am forever grateful that she and her mother survived that day after a harrowing birth experience. Frieda’s mother, Sonja, is a very close and dear friend of mine and has devoted most of her life to the healing arts. There was no question that she would be breastfeeding and after several blood transfusions there was also no question she would be on strong antibiotics at the time. Frieda was born cesarean so she did not have the benefit of gaining good flora through the birth canal to start her independent immune system. It certainly made sense that she was a clingy baby; after all, she almost lost her mama. Something more seemed to be going on.

Frieda was frequently ill. Luckily, she has only had to take antibiotics twice, which is a small miracle considering her tendency to catch whatever is going around. I shudder to think of how many antibiotics she would have taken if she went to the doctor for every ailment, as some children do. During a five-week visit she was recovering from pneumonia, got an ear infection, a cold, another ear infection…it was never-ending! Often times it was not possible to comfort her. She was miserable! This is just a tiny snapshot.

When I came up for a visit, both Frieda’s parents made comments about her belly like, “It must be all those avocados she eats!” The thing is, it wasn’t fat, and her belly was more like a balloon. It did not jiggle like “baby fat”. My suspicion was yeast.

When I bought this up to Sonja, it all made sense. Frieda had frequent vaginal yeast infections; an occasional problem with eczema on her legs off and for the past year and her lungs were often filled with mucus causing her to cough. Frieda, in her frustration, would sometimes hit herself in the head. She wants to be breast fed 20 or more times a day, and now that she can talk, she commands this of her mother at the most inopportune times.

Sonja is recovering from Gilbert’s Syndrome, a liver condition where the liver lacks the enzymes to conjugate bilirubin (old dead red blood-cells). The conjugation process turns bilirubin into bile. Many phase two detoxification pathways are hampered by this condition. Many Gilberts sufferers can have trouble detoxing and carrying a load of toxins manifests into fibromyalgia type symptoms. For this reason, Sonja has growing concerns about continuing to breastfeed due her toxic load.

I am now staying with the family and implementing the GAPS protocol for all of us. (Sonja’s story to come.)

I will be sharing blog updates on Frieda’s progress on the GAPS protocol. Let the healing begin!