Hanging out in STAGE THREE

Well, I have completed five weeks and it went fast! I have been taking a very strong probiotic every morning on an empty stomach. This could be causing a die off reaction because I just recovered from a two day head ache right after I upped the dose. Even though having a headache is not on my list of fun things to do, if it is part of my healing process, then bring it on. I can take it! Over all, I feel great! I am hovering at stage three and have added a couple of more “advanced foods” such as cooked apples and occasional cold filtered olive oil. Our little miss Frieda was so sad to give up apple sauce when we began this cleanse that we brought apples back a bit early. They are so delicious, I can hardly believe it! I have the advantage of living in the North West but even still, apple season is over and I am still able to find some good contenders with a little searching. The fugis have held up well overall. I peel them, slice them thin and cook them in plenty of ghee over medium heat with a lid. They end up swimming in their own juice but by the time they are tender and finished the juice cooks off and you are left with sweet, mildly tangy, tender apple slices with a hint of carmel flavor provided by the ghee and slight browning that can occur during the cooking process. Sometimes I have these over the GAPS pancakes or just with a dot of home-made sour cream.


With the introduction of the olive oil (usually a stage four add in), the decision was about getting the most out of the fresh herbs and the vitamix. It is so easy to blend up some fresh herbs, lightly toasted nuts and olive oil to toss with spiralized zucchini or even shredded chicken. Other than these add ins, I feel like I have not gotten enough of stage three yet. I have not eaten enough avocados, I am still exploring soups and eating them with a duck egg cooked in. I want to stay here for a while and at the same time, I want to progress so I don’t miss the fruits at the farmers market! I am drinking at least four ounces of fresh pressed juice in the mornings with my cod-liver, fish and nut/seed blend oil supplements. I don’t really get hungry until noon or so. I am not eating too much at this time. Every bite of food is what my body needs. I have acquired a taste for the sauerkraut, (thank god!). I know my digestion has already improved and the kraut may be helping.

I took another trip to visit friends and family out of town. We all decided to meet for happy hour at this nicer restaurant on the river and I decided to eat first. I heated up my delicious soup, (this one was rather meaty with tomato, red pepper and grass-fed beef in a cauliflower thickened broth). We met up at the restaurant and everybody ordered, I was fine with my water. The food comes. My mom ordered this burger with no bun (she is gluten-free). The waitress passed it by me as she set it in front of my mother. It looked delicious! It was hand-pattied, pink in the middle, juicy, I ordered one! All I ate was the meat and a tomato slice and, I have to say, it was kind of exciting to be eating out.. Here’s the thing, this is usually way too much protein for me to process! The meat in the soup and now this? I realized that I could end up suffering later but later never came! The only other thing I had for the rest of the night was a couple of tablespoons of sauerkraut. I didn’t even have my HCL pills with me, (to aid in digesting protein). This is miraculous and I almost forgot to tell you!

By the end of GAPS, I am confident that my own stomach acid will be fully restored, my food allergies will turn into my former food allergies, my good flora will be in tact and my immune system will be unstoppable. This is why it is okay if I miss out on the first fruits of the season this year if I am not at stage six quite yet. All in good time.

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