Frieda’s GAPS Story, Month One

Believe it or not, the first month went by so quickly! In fact, I was five days past mine when I finally checked the calendar. Frieda is adjusting well to the new way she is fed and will even demand more of the good stuff. Yogurt is her current favorite and she can eat three bowls a sitting. I know we are supposed to go with our healthy cravings but I am not sure if this little bug knows when to stop. We sometimes tell her it is all gone or she would eat twice her weight. She is just barely getting into some fresh carrot juice and finally understands how delicious it is.

Her belly is less distended, which is such a relief because I know some grow quite a bit in these early stages as the yeasties duke it out with the good flora. She has still managed to catch every cold and flu with in fifty miles of here. It is a sign that her immune system works but I am still looking forward to having it grow stronger so what ever is going around does not take her out.

As far as her mood, she is still mostly crabby, but the little thing is not feeling well and crabby is her predominate tendency. I was with her for two and a half hours the other day and she was cheery the whole time, so it is improving.




Frieda's Story, GAPS



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