Frieda’s GAPS Story Week Three

Well, here we are three plus weeks into the program and it is getting easier every day to juggle the extra cooking and dishes. Frieda has adjusted well to the foods and now begs for spinach and broccoli. She has forgotten her old favorites all together! There are glimpses of changes in all of us. (My whole household is on the program.) I did not want this precious and unusual moment slip through our fingers with Frieda sitting and quietly waiting for her mom to finish vacuuming the kitchen. For one, she does not like the noise the vacuum makes. Secondly, she usually prefers her mama’s full attention, especially when it is not available. If only I was quick with my camera last week, I could have shown you the opposite photo: Sonja doing the dishes and Frieda laying flat on her belly in a full body conniption fit to get her to stop.

There is a long and winding healing path we are on, but I really do see this as a GAPS diet breakthrough.


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