Frieda’s Story Week 2

What a week for this little bug. At the start of the week, concerned about die-off symptoms, we gave her a bit of activated charcoal, (about one half of a pill in coconut oil). Then we weren’t sure if it plugged her up so we didn’t give her any more.
charcoalShe was awful fussy! After a good look in her mouth we see she is still cutting some huge molars to boot. Then, on her second week, she had a heavy stomach flu that got her off track. She ended up loosing two pounds! By the time she was finally starting to come back to life, then her mama caught it too. :/ I did wake up this morning to Frieda demanding yogurt, so that is going good. Her ability to eat the yogurt is greater than our ability to make it! (Still working out a reliable method). Something confirmed, but never mentioned; her ability to concentrate has doubled, or dare I say tripled by the first week. When reading her a book before, she could only focus for two pages, then done. Now we are reading whole books to her and she is interacting with the stories by pointing out the all important doggies and kitties. Even though it was a rough week, and she did have a piece of toast, I am overwhelmingly hopeful for this amazing little girl’s healing path ahead.


Frieda's Story, GAPS



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