My first week reintroducing the GAPS diet


General observations: On day one it was easy and I prepared three kinds of soup to decrease my fear of getting tired of the same food. By five o’clock I had a pretty good headache going likely due to skipping my morning coffee. I knew that was coming as it happened to me before so I weened down to a half cup per┬áday a week before I started. On day two I was surprisingly fatigued and still had that headache. I am glad I was not working and gave myself time to rest and adjust. I felt a bit hungry, even after I ate, because I wanted something else to eat, not because I didn’t eat enough. I didn’t have a lot of energy and felt a bit spacey but it was going well. My teeth felt loose! It is common for people who are detoxing to grind their teeth, so that must be it.. By day seven I had shed 10 pounds. That seems dramatic but I do trust in this process and I had it to loose. I always eat when I am hungry and never eat when I am not. Once, as a child, I ate because it was dinner time and not because I was hungry. Well, it turned out that I had the flu. Needless to say, I never did that again!

My skin is suddenly oily! I’m sure it is temporary. Another strange thing is that my toe pain is back in the bottom joint of my big toe. I read on another blog that someone had experienced getting one last eczema flare up and then it went away for good. The most amazing observation as of yet is that after a vigorous five ours of renovating work on a friend’s massage studio I had no pain. This is an absolute change as I had been working on the room the week before doing a lighter task and after two hours I had a pinched nerve in my upper back. My arms fell asleep at night for a couple of days and my back pain prevented me from work. I must have had some underlying inflammation that was causing havoc. By day four it was gone.

By day four I did the sensitivity test for our raw milk-home-made yoghurt and passed with flying colors so I strained some whey out of it to thicken it up and made “sour cream” to plop onto my soup when it cools down enough. It was wonderful to add the sour taste and cream. I am taking sips of sauerkraut juice and am up to a tablespoon with out adding the fiber yet. I am using a lot of onions and turmeric.Onions go into every batch of meat stock. Ginger and turmeric tea are life savers. I am looking forward to stage two but am just adding herbs and ghee so far after my seven day mark.

I know how transformative and powerful food is as medicine but even I am blown away. My summery of week one is that my body, not unlike going into labor, has taken over with a wave of healing. It knows what to do with the fuel I am providing and without any stressors in the way, I am on the road wellness. I trust in this process.





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