Weak Three

The strangest of things happened this week. I wasn’t hungry, at all. Today is my three week marker and over the last five days I have had a half bowl of soup and 6 oz of fresh pressed juice. Any one who knows me will tell you this is highly unusual for me. I tend to eat smaller meals so I can get hungry sooner and then eat something else. I am trusting this process. I do not feel in danger. I do feel weak. I have lost 20 pounds since starting GAPS three weeks ago. Luckily I had extra to lose but that is not the case for all. It seems to be common to lose weight in the beginning for all. Frieda’s mom did not have weight to lose and yet she did. I have first hand knowledge of those on the thinner side gaining and those who are thick losing, essentially putting everyone into balance. I feel so blessed that at this time in my life I am able to do this healing with focus. When I am tired, I rest. I have been keeping well hydrated and am finally going to start the stock again tonight. I haven’t even been able to do that! Today I have more life and a trip to the produce section might stimulate my desire.  I’ll let you know.





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