Hair Loss

None of these side effects are very fun. I keep thinking that I am about to write about my least favorite one every time I start a new page. The reason hair loss is a symptom of food intolerance is because if you are still eating the offending food, then it is negatively effecting your digestion. For some the digestive effects are more dramatic than others. Still, if our nutrients are not being absorbed properly than a host of things can go terribly wrong. We can put stress on our organs like liver and kidney. We can struggle to make hormones or eliminate them when we are finished with them. When the sweetener Xylitol came out, that’s when it happened to me.
I was doing research and development for a dessert manufacturing company who wanted to get into the health food market. (I am a recovering pastry chef) They gave me a bucket of xylitol to work with and I was thrilled because I love to sweeten things and I love to keep my blood sugar in check. I was unaware of how it was processed or how safe it was. I was eating a very clean diet plus xylitol. Shortly after, large clumps of hair would come out when ever I showered and I had an extreme loss of energy. I began losing weight and I looked terrible. I thought a good haircut would help so I went to an Aveda salon for a cut. IT WAS HORRIBLE!  I blamed them at first, then I realized that I was going bald! I have curly dark hair and it did not all fall out, but from any angle, you could see to my scalp! Once I figured out that the xylitol was a problem for me I immediately removed it from my diet, regrew my hair and recovered my energy.
The root of the hair loss was likely due to liver stress. Eating foods we cannot process properly puts stress on our livers and our whole system. If you or someone you know is experiencing untimely hair loss, consider that it could be a food intolerance causing it.