It Can Really be This Easy.


Easy peasy soup

Easy peasy soup


Simmer, blend, enjoy!


Frieda’s current favorite.









This is a phase one GAPS recipe that could not get any easier. I want to start with some easy recipes because even if you love to cook, it is still wonderful to have those instantly good tasting soups that you can start making when you are already hungry and eat ten minutes later. It is so easy that measurements are not required. Make as much or little as you want.

Organic peas

Chicken stock to cover

Sea salt

Raw honey (the smallest amount while cooled down and only if the sweetness in the peas needs a little boost)

Warm the peas and broth on the stove. Blend until smooth with an emersion blender or a counter model. Add seasonings to taste. I was pleasantly surprised with the pleasantly nutty flavor! I am going to freeze some in an ice cube tray to add to other soups to get that sweet nutty flavor.