Food Intolerance on the rise

On this site, I am choosing to group the terms food allergies and sensitivities with the term food intolerance. There are differences between allergies and sensitivities, but first a few words about their similarities.. If you have either an allergy or sensitivity, the “gut feeling” if you will, can be very similar. For instance, if I were to eat an egg (the kind from a chicken), my reaction would be so severe that in the moment, I would not be sure if I would survive. First would come the brain fog followed by the migraine headache and eventually I would end up on the toilet losing anything stored up in my intestines reserved for nutrients needed to function properly. Three days later a rash would appear on my face and my cheeks would swell to the size of a greedy chipmunk’s. These are only the symptoms I can feel. The other thing happening internally is that I lose the ability to properly digest even the foods I am not sensitive or allergic to (until my gut is able to regain its equilibrium). This is a problem. Why? There are essential nutrients we all need in order to, not only thrive but to live. (Hence the name essential) If a body has blocked access to absorbing these nutrients the path to well-being is not accessed.
I took a blood test to find out more about my food allergies. Eggs did not make the list. Here is why: I have developed a sensitivity to eggs that is not technically a true allergy. Food allergies are tested against the IgG antibody while there are sensitivities that do not produce this antibody at all. With a “true allergy” there is a greater immediate health danger such as anaphylaxis (which could be fatal). In both cases, food allergies or sensitivities, I highly recommend avoiding the offending foods until you address the root of the problem. My next recommendation is to address the root of the problem sooner rather than later to avoid developing even more sensitivities.


If you have food allergies or sensitivities, chances are, you have leaky gut syndrome. It is even more important to eat well, avoid those trigger foods, and heal so more allergies do not occur. It is not only possible to recover from food allergies, but the journey can bring you back in balance on many levels. Often, the need to focus and be discerning about what we choose to put into our bodies is born of necessity. What ever the reason, eating pure, unadulterated foods is both the way back to health of the way to stay healthy in the first place. I hope to inspire the love of “real food” to blossom in each person I have the pleasure of feeding or teaching. One of my favorite things about life is to be hungry, then to eat well.
If you have a food intolerance, it is not enough to simply avoid those foods or even to eat beautifully. Look to the root cause. Your gut needs attention and my recommendation is to follow the GAPs protocol created by Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride.
It is my belief that leaky gut syndrome is the precursor to auto immune disease. The human body is a symphony of complex interactions, always with your best interest in mind. Why are so many of us developing leaky gut syndrome, leading to many diseases and disorders?
Environmental toxins, processed food and antibiotics are just three things that can cause an imbalance in our gut flora causing a parasitic overgrowth. Once the “bad bugs” out number the “good bugs”our stomach acid weakens making it harder to get the nutrients out of our food. This scenario has a cascade of ill effects leading to the food that is not properly digested making its way through the compromised wall of our intestines.
Many people have a food intolerance with out even realizing it. There are so many different side effects, I want to list all of the ones I know about and explain the link between the symptom and the condition. Follow these links to learn more about each side effect.

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