Getting ready. GAPs diet



The first step to getting ready to do the Gaps diet is to commit to the idea. Once you have done that, read, read, read. The Blogs, the Book, research recipes, and immerse yourself so you feel prepared. You are already here so that is a great start. Go over the approved food list and if you have any food intolerance, test to see if you are sensitive to any of the allowed foods on the intro diet. You may want to have a professional guide you through this healing process to assure success. If you are doing this on your own, here are two methods of testing food that I recommend. I love the Coca Pulse testing method. I learned this on in school and it is free, easy and effective.

The second way of testing Dr. McBride suggests in her book: Before bed, dry small amount of the food that you would like to test on your skin. Choose a spot like the back of your hand. If it is a solid food, mash it in some water first. In the morning, check the spot and see if it is red and irritated.

I feel it is so important to start out with out any trigger foods to give your self the optimum healing opportunity. If you test intolerant to a food that you are used to eating, you should start feeling better as soon as you eliminate it. DO NOT EAT ANY FOOD THAT YOU TEST INTOLERANT TO UNTIL YOUR TEST COMES BACK NEGATIVE. It is very likely that you will be able to eat the offending food again as the diet will heal your system and promote absorbing nutrients from all foods. Here is a list of common allergens that you may want to test for before the diet even if some foods are not allowed. It is a wonderful thing to be able to eat something again that had turned against you.

Keep a food journal. I recommend getting yourself a blank book you can keep notes in and start BEFORE the diet. How is your physical and emotional state? How do you sleep at night? Go through the list of symptoms on the food intolerance page and take note. Take note of what you are eating and how you are feeling. I would start this a week ahead of the diet.

If you have low hydrochloric acid and have trouble digesting proteins you may need supplementation. Seek guidance from a professional or only eat a small amount of protein until your body can handle more.

Conduct a pantry purge. You will not be needing that bag of sugar or flour so you may as well get rid of it or gather things to give to a friend who would appreciate some extra foods. For all of the non perishables we made a box for the basement we jokingly referred to as our end of the world box. When you get to this point, you should be exited! You are close!

Mentally prepare. For me, it is best to know I am doing a change soon without setting an exact date. I just start going towards my goal full speed and the start date appears. Everybody is so different in this regard. You may need to set a date. What ever you need to do but just think ahead. Will you be needing to bring your broth and soup away from your house? Do you go out to socialize? How will you handle it? What is your elevator speech? Don’t be too detailed with those who would not understand. It had just enough challange with out having to overcome the judgment of others! Go over the list of foods you will be eating and get excited about food! If you are not a natural born chef, there is plenty of recipe support now that so many are healing their guts in this way.

Find Kiefer grains and sources for pastured meats, bones and all quality foods. Look for local farms. If you don’t have a relationship with one already I think this is a relationship you are going to enjoy. If you don’t have time to go to farms or farmer’s markets, see if there is a local CSA that delivers. More important than organic is the nutrient content. What kind of soil was the produce grown in. Yes, this matters. Only use the best meat possible, pasture raised only. The meat and bones from healthy animals are essential for healing. Both humans and animals store toxins in their fat. Go to any lengths to get this meat.

Lastly, you are about to heal yourself. Even with the help of a practitioner it is you who is going to do the work. You are going to have a much better understanding of your self and your health on many levels.