The Six Stages of the GAPS Intro Diet

For complete instructions on how to implement this healing protocol, please read the GAPS diet book which you can purchase here. This is also a direct link to Natasha Campbell’s blog page about the diet. I will give you some tips for each phase that I picked up doing research and reading the FAQ page on the GAPS site.   Just because a food is listed on the approved list, does not mean you can eat it. Make sure you are not sensitive to any  foods before you eat them, such as night-shades. Click the “stage buttons” to see the approved foods for that stage.




With the hot trend of bone broth these days, it has been over looked more than once (both me and my daughter) that in the intro diet bone broth is not used, rather meat stock. We were already so accustomed to making bone broth for two days with a bit of acid to get out the minerals that we glossed over the fact that bone broth is reserved for the full GAPS diet. The meat stock has a different nutritional composition that is better suited for the beginning.

Another noteworthy mention is that there are some vegetables that are held back on this phase such as cabbage, celery and the stems of broccoli and cauliflower or anything with a lot of excess fiber. This can be confusing if you have purchased the “Heal Your Gut Cookbook” by Hilary Boyton and Mary G.Brackett because they have celery in their meat stock recipe and suggest eating it.

No herbs are allowed or spices aside from black pepper if well tolerated, sea salt, and roots for flavor and healing ability like ginger and turmeric.

Coconut oil can be added in at any phase of the diet, even here. If you have low blood sugar, mix a teaspoon of raw honey with a third cup of coconut oil and take a spoonful when you need to get through a dip in your blood sugar. This is not a low carb diet. Go out of your way to get some more carbs if you need them like squash soup. (only eat allowed foods, of course)

Don’t forget to drink fresh ginger tea with raw honey because you can!




In the second stage you will do the sensitivity test before adding any food. Add a raw egg yolk to your soup. Begin with one a day and work up to however many you want. When you are able to digest them with ease, soft boiled eggs can be added, too!

Stews and casseroles can be made with all the ingredients of stage one and you can drink your broth on the side.

Add more yogurt and kefir increasing the amount daily. Also stick with the sauerkraut juice.

If you are constipated, add fresh carrot juice in the morning with your cod liver oil.

Add home made ghee at this time starting with a teaspoon and gradually increasing.

Fresh herbs now! (spices come later in phase 5)




During this stage nut butters can be made into pancakes by adding them to eggs and squash.

Scrambled eggs with lots of ghee and onions and.. may the recipes expand!

Finally the sauerkraut can be eaten, not just the probiotic juice.




If you are worried about the sugars in the juice, make a GAPS milkshake by adding a raw egg and a scoop of home-made sour cream to the blender.

Adding cold pressed olive oil to every meal begins at this stage. Work up to 1-2 tablespoons per day.

If you didn’t need to already, juice may be added now on an empty stomach and straight from your juicer.

Now is the time to experiment with “breads” made from approved ingredients.




It is the time of the stewed apples. If you have followed the other phases completely these will be the most succulent, sweet yet tart buttery and delightful things that a fork ever brought to your lips!

Upon getting ready for the GAPS intro diet myself, I wanted to eat the things I would miss but without going over board. I ate salad almost every night! Stage five raw veggies are back!

Another food you may have been missing is reintroduced now, but only if you are ready… CHEESE! Only mature, traditional varieties.

Aside from lemon in your water, continue to avoid citrus at this stage.

Welcome back cabbage.




When all of the good foods you have introduced thus far are well tolerated raw and dried fruits can be added. Use raw fruits to sweeten your baking adventures.

Make sure you are still devoting a portion of your daily diet to meat stock. I love to cook with it any time water would have been called for like steaming veggies and it also is luxurious to make gravy and pour it over everything.

Stay at this phase until you have normal digestion and movements. Once regular, you may move on to full GAPS!