As a young adult, I used to say I had an “old lady stomach” because if something I ate was slightly off or not digesting with gusto, I would be up all night. At twenty three years old, this went on for a month straight! I would stare out the window at the stars all night. There was a point were I did it on purpose so I could stay awake on a long drive. I woke up at five, ate a breakfast with some cheese or some element I suspected would effect me and then proceeded to drive 17 hours without getting tired or hungry because my stomach was just a bit off kilter. I find it interesting to look back and notice that I always accepted what ever was going on with me as just “who I was”. I was just a person with a delicate stomach, or I was just a person with an extra fifty pounds, or thinning hair or… I am grateful to realize that it is okay to aim for optimum, to see things as abnormal, get to the cause and rectify it. I used to see the beauty in accepting  my condition, what ever it was at the time. Now I see the beauty in healing it.
The National Sleep Foundation  even lists gastrointestinal problems as a possible cause of insomnia, but many others could be attributed to food intolerance indirectly.