Migraines / Headaches

I can count to four generations of migraine headache sufferers on my mom’s side of the family. I am not boasting here. I remember deciding not to be one of them as a teenager . I guess my will was not strong enough to combat the immune response of a food intolerance. It is very hard to understand what a migraine sufferer is going through if you have not experienced one for yourself.
Skip this next section if you are a migraine sufferer so you don’t have to relive it.
If you have never before experienced a migraine, let me explain what it is like for me. Let me begin by saying that for me (and many others) it starts by eating even a trace amount of food I have an allergy or sensitivity to. When I first started getting them, I had no idea what the cause was. Now that I know, it is still unavoidable until I go through the whole process of healing and sealing my gut so the trigger will be eliminated. On a rare occasion I will go out to eat. This is a risky endeavor as I have to trust the waitstaff to convey my list of trigger foods to the kitchen. Even if they use the same pan a chicken egg was cooked in to cook my non egg food I am still at risk. I can usually tell within an hour that I should have ordered tea and watched every one else eat their meal until I can get to the safety of my own kitchen. When I travel, I bring my own pan and cooler with food. Anyway, I will start to feel confused and begin to feel sensitive to light. At this point I know I have to get to a safe place with in a couple of hours and if I have to drive myself there, I must leave right away while I can still see without pain. I try drinking water but sometimes the nausea sets in and water is too hard to get down. I use the bathroom because I know when it is full blown I will not be able to move. If I am lucky, I make it to my own bed and lay in the dark while it sets in. It feels like my brain swells to the point where it can’t fit in my skull. I have some strong migraine pills, Maxalt, but they usually don’t work so I rarely take them. The pain escalates to the point wear my body is useless. I have had the pills on my dresser and I could not reach them from my bed, four feet away. Sometimes I cry but I try not to because it makes it hurt more. My neck gets sore and there is no comfortable position I can smash my pillow into to bring relief. There have been a couple of times where I wanted to go to the hospital but just could not imagine how I would make it through the car ride. During these times I truly thought I would die. For me it lasts about 7 hours like this. It usually clears by the morning but for the night I am completely wiped out. If there was anything I was supposed to do, it could not get done.
Just to give you an idea of my pain tolerance, I gave birth to my daughter with out even an aspirin. A migraine is the most pain I have ever felt. If you know somebody who gets them or you get them yourself consider that the cause could be a food intolerance. It is worth giving up, even pizza, to never have to experience one of these again.