Muscle Pain

Have you ever had sore muscles and simply blamed yourself for being out of shape? Well, it is really hard to get into good shape if you do not feel well and it is really hard to feel well when you have an unmanaged food intolerance. What ever shape you are in, just eating a trace amount of food you have an “issue with” can cause you to have extreme muscle pain. For some (like me) full on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome can result. I learned the connection our muscles have with our bones when my muscles became so tight they pulled some bones out of place! Now that I am aware of my intolerance and go to great lengths to avoid the trigger foods, I am no longer in constant pain but that is a different story if something sneaks through.
I am receiving a lot of body work right now from a trade I have made with a friend in the healing arts. The other day I went in for a massage and I had to keep asking her to lighten up. Several points during the massage the pain was too much to bear. Afterwords I felt worse. I love her work, have benefited greatly every other time I saw her and she told me she was barely touching me! That night when I went to bed I was trying to get comfortable but it was as if I had a body flu. My muscles were sore, I could not get comfortable and as I would twist around, by back and ribs would shift. I finally realized I was having an immune response to a food intolerance! As much as it is a relief to figure out what is happening, it will be amazing to fully heal my gut so it does not happen any more.
If you or someone you know has muscle pain that is unexplained, it could be a food intolerance.