Puffy Face

To be clear, this is not a judgment on the roundness or cheekiness of anybody’s face. Your face is your face and it’s uniqueness, all yours. What I mean is if your face changes after eating a specific food and, well, puffs up. Unfortunately, I have personal experience with this symptom and it is so annoying! Sometimes I would only realize that my cheeks hurt and not realize that it was because they were busy doubling in size. Come to think of it, by whole body is probably having the same immune response but the difference in my face is so profound that I didn’t even notice. My desire is to explain what happens to a person from the time they eat the offending food to trigger each specific response. I am not finding any specific information about the why’s. What is clear and what I know from my own experience, this can be a reaction to ingesting something your body has a knee-jerk response to. If you have ever had this happen and ever wondered why, consider a food intolerance as a possible cause.