Skin Rashes

Our skin is our largest organ and will often let us know when it is processing something it would rather we didn’t ingest. The skin rash symptom can vary from immediate hives all over the body to small patches on the face three days later and everything in between. I am personally familiar with the face rash variety and it seems to be the result of accidentally ingesting some offending (to my system) food, then my entire digestion stops working properly for a few days causing constipation, then the skins response to the toxins being held hostage is the rash. It takes several days for the rash to go away and it is one of my least favorite side effect because I cannot cover it, it is bright red and sometimes flakey and people always want to talk about it.
My daughter’s reaction to penicillin was full body hives and swelling. She was in fourth grade. I was already weary of the over use of antibiotics and she had a bad case of tonsillitis on Thanksgiving. i did some research and found that it was a 50/50 chance that it was not the strep throat variety were antibiotics were required. Here tonsils were the size of small walnuts and as we ended up taking her to the Emergicare the next day. There were three generations of us at the clinic (I brought my mom). As suspected, they advised us to take antibiotics. I told them that I did not want to give any to her unless we knew it was strep. They told us that by the time the test came back from the lab, it would be much worse and, in front of my daughter, they said that if it got much worse they could have to lance it. My daughter was in instant tears and horror at the though of them cutting at her tonsil and we were pressured to fill the prescription. I am ashamed that I caved in. My mother and my grandmother were on board with the treatment and I reluctantly agreed. The next morning my daughter came out of her bedroom and said, “I think something is wrong” as she lifted up her shirt. She was covered in red bumps! The only thing the Amoxicillin ended up doing was making her break out in hives. The tonsillitis cleared on its own but the rash was still with her when she went back to school. I told her to tell everyone that she had Strawberryitous.
If you have a skin problem such as rashes, a common prescription is a topical solution. It is better to look beyond the skin itself and ask what might be causing the rash.