Stiff Joints

I am so glad that I figured out for myself that my occasionally achy joints are food related incidents. The feeling creeps up on me every time and I always seem to wonder, “Is this how my body feels now? When did this happen? I don’t remember being in so much pain before…” By the next day, maybe three days after eating the offending food, I am having trouble walking. Last time this happened a joint at the foundation of my big toe was so large and swollen that I could barely stuff my foot in my favorite (and roomy) boots. I was about to make an appointment with a pediatrist when the face rash began and then I knew it was a food reaction that would run its course now that my one time falling out with an organic gluten-free, vegan, “healthy” protien bar was surfacing as the culprit. It could have been something as seemingly minor as guar gum or xanthan gum but what ever it was, it got me big time. It still takes me a while to figure out what is happening to my body when I experience this side effect and I know it is a side effect. There are tens of thousands of people in frequent, if not constant pain who are unaware that it could be derived from a food intolerance. Believe me when I suggest that it is worth finding out!