Stock Options

One thing we know about the GAPS diet is that you must drink meat-stock or bone broth every day for up to two years. I have read many confessions of people giving up on this task while it is the cornerstone to the program. I am on a mission to revamp our stock options.

I had the hardest time drinking Beef Bone Broth until this idea came to mind.. Inspired by a Vietnamese Pho soup! The beefy taste was tamed and a new favorite was born.

Last night I made a cool, refreshing drink out of chicken stock, ginger root, beet and raw honey. There was a GAPS meet up at our house and it was a big hit! A handful of peas makes a cup of stock delicious! I will keep adding to this page as I come up with new ones.  The sky is the limit here. Next experiment will involve fresh pressed juice.


Easy peasy soup

Blend it in or leave them whole like a GAPS bubble tea.

Beet Flavored Stock