Sugar Cravings

At one point in a health decline, I was experiencing hypoglycemia. When your blood-sugar levels do not stay in range, and in my case drop below, it can seem like an emergency to get the levels back up and that is one avenue where craving came in for me. At the time, I was syndrome-X meaning a resting blood sugar of 99. This is just one point away from being diabetic! Our bodies are so complex and a million things were going haywire including my hormones, the ones needed to regulate blood sugars like insulin to lower it and glucagon to raise it, keeping it within range. Several times a day when my blood sugar would take a dip I would get intense food cravings. For me it was cheese enchiladas! If I didn’t have them, I thought I would die! As I was busy trying to calculate the fastest way to get enchiladas in my face I would eat a hand full of almonds even though that is not what I wanted. With in a minute the craving would pass.
A┬ámore constant craving that had an encompassing undertone was for carbs and sugars at every meal. This was at a time when I had an excessive yeast overgrowth commonly known as Candida. Candida, being yeast, survives thrives and multiplies with sugar. At this time, (before I realized the cause), every time I was hungry, nothing sounded good unless it was carbs or sugar. Until I found out that this was the yeast’s demands, I gave into it every time.
Other causes of sugar cravings are well stated in this article I found on