Symptoms People to not like to talk about

Anal itching: This is a side effect due to incomplete bowel evacuation due to our digestion responding to the offending food. When we wipe after going to the bathroom, the toilet paper should be relatively clean. If you find you have to keep wiping to get everything clean, then this is your symptom. Any bacteria left to linger causes itchiness. If our bowel did not eliminate completely and more is “right there” it could start to leak out. Even a tiny bit is so uncomfortable and puts you in danger if other infection by way of bacteria spreading. If this happens to you, the good news is, it will stop when you figure out and eliminate the trigger food. For me it was gluten.
Impotence/ low libido: When we eat a food we are intolerant too, in the simplestĀ of terms, our digestion takes a dive, we can’t effectively absorb the nutrients in our food, we struggle to make hormones. When my food intolerance was the cause or effect of a yeast overgrowth my libido took a hit. As a busy single mother, I hadn’t even noticed until I was able to get the yeast under control and then, BAM, there they were! (sexy feelings)
Mood swings: I feel some shame with this one as nobody wants to be impatient or unreasonable. Before I recognized and removed my trigger foods, my body was so stressed and mood-swings showed up. I am a calm loving person, I am. It is hard to look back on times when I would “lose it” so easily.
Alcoholism and yeast: Yeast thrives in an acidic environment and likes to feed off sugar and alcohol. Have you ever known anyone to give up drinking and they immediately replace the addiction with sugar? It’s because the yeast has to be fed somehow. Alcoholism is not a symptom of food allergies, however, I am giving a nod to the connection. Yeast is a precursor to leaky-gut which causes food intolerance so however you are feeding the yeasties, take note that some effort can be put to set things in your gut right.