Well, here we are three plus weeks into the program and it is getting easier every day to juggle the extra cooking and dishes. Frieda has adjusted well to the foods and now begs for spinach and broccoli. She has forgotten her old favorites all together! There are glimpses of changes in all of us. […]

The strangest of things happened this week. I wasn’t hungry, at all. Today is my three week marker and over the last five days I have had a half bowl of soup and 6 oz of fresh pressed juice. Any one who knows me will tell you this is highly unusual for me. I tend […]

I survived enormous obstacles and not one of them was an excuse to abandon my mission! I used to anchor myself to my kitchen for the convenience of feeding myself special foods while on a cleanse. It is pretty convenient as no prepared meal that can be purchased is up to standards. This week, this […]