The Day I Met the Spiralizer

Spiral Soup

How have I lived so many years without one of these tools? It was more than thrilling to introduce this little number while I was just barely in Stage One. I have only tried it with zucchini but I know it is not a one trick pony. I could not help but to make a spaghetti sauce like soup and simmer the “noodles” right in it. 

For my spaghetti sauce soup, I used beef stock and added a glass jar of tomato, a carrot a shallot, and a red bell pepper. When the veggies were soft I put this all in the blender to give the sauce some body. I returned the now thickened sauce to the stove and added a diced onion, pasture raised hamburger (or should I say hamburger from a pasture raised cow?). To make sure the hamburger would add some good flavor, I mixed in some sea salt, and minced onions before adding it in little pinches. Reduce the soup until it is a saucy consistency. If you have a quality Balsamic vinegar that is not made with sugar, add a table spoon for that red wine flavor. (I heard that the only reason Balsamic was not allowed was the sugar).

Truth be told, any tasty soup base can be used. Just simmer the spiralized veggies right in it. As you can see, our spiralizer leaves little zucchini discs that I use in different ways. I still love and appreciate it! Here is a link to the top spiralizers of 2015.

Spaghetti Soup, or a hundred other possibilities. Stage One