The Skinny on Fats

Let me start with the gratitude that I never did fall for the “low-fat craze”. Even when I followed strict guidelines of a long term healing modality that recommended, “being careful about eating too much fat”, my gut instincts told me otherwise. That said, I remember eating plenty of Imperial margarine as a child at a time when Americas better health took a turn for the worse. It is still unbelievable to me that hydrogenated oils were recommended by our government over healthy, traditional, unadulterated, pure butter and the like. For an in-depth explanation of how this all happened, I highly recommend watching Sally Fallon’s speech about “The Oiling of America”.

The truth is, fats are an essential part of our diet and making them available for our bodies allows us to heal or maintain good health. Not all fats are created equal so it is important to learn the difference. Lets take animal fats, for instance. We can only benefit from the fats of healthy, pasture raised animals as they have done the work of converting the carotenes and other nutrients absorbed in the grasses for us. Only animal sources like these provide us with vitamin A. Do you think it is possible to get enough vitamin A from plant sources? Well, it just doesn’t work that way. Here is a stippit from a Weston A. Price article on the topic: “Unfortunately, the vast majority of popular books on nutrition insist that humans can obtain vitamin A from fruits and vegetables. Even worse, FDA regulations allow food processors to label carotenes as vitamin A. The label for a can of tomatoes says that tomatoes contain vitamin A, even though the only source of true vitamin A in the tomatoes is the microscopic insect parts. The food industry, and the lowfat school of nutrition that the industry has spawned, benefit greatly from the fact that the public has only vague notions about vitamin A. In fact, most of the foods that provide large amounts of vitamin A—butter, egg yolks, liver, organ meats and shellfish—have been subject to intense demonization.” For the full article, click HERE.

Other benefits to good animal fats in our diets include CLA’s, or Conjugated Linoleic Acid. This is the same nutrient found in mother’s milk and just as it is great for babies, CLA’s are good for all of us. Just a few benefits from CLA’s:

Studies show that as little as one half of a percent of CLA’s in your diet can reduce tumors by 50% in stomach, skin, lung, colorectal, and breast cancer.

To see how it also helps with Asthma, and other inflammatory diseases, insulin resistance and even food induced allergic reactions, click HERE to see what Dr. Mercola has to say on the topic.

Our bodies need fats to create a  protective barrier with the proper amount of permeability for each cell.

Our brains are made of over 60% fat so providing the most stable and unadulterated fats is necessary for proper brain function.

We need fats to obtain the fat-soluble vitamins ADE and K.

We make our hormones out of fat and over 200 different hormones are responsible for hundreds of different jobs such as our sex drive, our weight, our blood sugar levels, when we sleep.. pretty much everything we do.