Yeast Infections

Just like in bread dough, sugar will make the bread rise because it feeds the yeast. The same is true in our bodies but because our bodies are so amazing at turning carbohydrates into sugars, we not only have to avoid sugar, but also reduce carbs if there is a yeast issue. I had a yeast, let’s say, condition for many years. The approach I took when I found out that excess yeast was causing me havoc was to kill the yeast. How simple minded one can be in times of bodily stress.. I spent years on this quest trying everything from dietary changes to hard core yeast killing drugs with varying degrees of success. Every time I thought I was successful, they ended up coming back along with their own set of pesky side effects. I starved them and they would scramble through my body looking for food, always seeming to find a way to survive. I once took a Diflucan pill every day for 30 days. I was at my wits end at that point. I took strong probiotics. I stopped eating fruit, sugar, gluten and most carbs, I removed the mercury enhanced fillings from my teeth, I was focused and determined. I even became a Nutritional Therapist on this journey!
What I discovered that someone else discovered was that if there is excess yeast, it is there for a reason and if you do not address that reason, they will stay. Hmm, I had not thought of it quite this way. In fact, the yeast were trying to protect me and I was trying so hard to kill them! I was not giving them the usual feast of diets past. In fact, there was a great uplifting of guilt when I discovered that it was the yeast colony that was ordering the pizza and carbs every day, not really me. They were alive, inside of me and wanted to thrive so I truly believe they took over my cravings to get what they needed. This made it easy to stop and take control of my eating being so careful not to feed the beasties but yet, they still survived. It turned out that stress and heavy metals factored in. I had to address those issues, and say thank you to the yeast but I don’t need you any more. Then a funny thing happened when I got a blood allergy test, I am now allergic to yeast! The¬†human body is full of mystery.
Other things to say about yeast:
Yeast is not a female only issue. I hardly ever had the “feminine kind” of yeast infection, only when I was starving them out and they were running for their lives.
I unknowingly had yeast issues when I was pregnant and so my daughter was born with it. When she was a baby, she would get this Diaper rash that would not go away easily. Finally someone told be to put “jock itch” cream on it and it went away. Yeast. She would sometimes have a rash on her face. Yeast. She had some food sensitivities to tomato and black pepper.. Any way, I wanted to bring this up because it took us a long time to figure out that I handed down my yeast to her and it is an issue she is finally getting a hold of at age 19 by doing the GAPS diet.
I believe that fibromyalgia and many other conditions are side effects of candida overgrowth (yeast issues) The even bigger picture is that yeast issues are a sign of gut issues and the gut is where 80% of our immune system resides. If your gut is not right, feeling tired and having food allergies are the tip of the ice-burge if it goes unaddressed.